There are a number of different adhesives that can be used to create a sticker or label to serve a variety of purposes. Here are some of the most common types and their attributes.


An adhesive that is meant for a single application with no intention of removal. Stickers and labels with permanent adhesive can not be easily removed once they are applied to a clean surface. If the label is removed it will usually leave behind a residue.


An adhesive meant for eventual removal, such as price and size stickers. They are intended for a single use, so once they are removed they won’t retain enough tackiness to be reapplied. Low-tack adhesive will not leave the difficult residue that permanent adhesives will.


This adhesive is both “low-tack” and still very strong. Usually used with a more pliable material, re-positionable adhesive allows a sticker to be applied and removed many times over. Depending on the formula used, some re-positionable stickers can be reapplied up to 100 times.


A very strong adhesive meant for application to rough and blemished surfaces. Super-tack decals are often found on machinery, dumpsters, etc.

Freezer Adhesive

An adhesive formulated to withstand temperatures from -28˚C to 10˚C. These are most commonly used for labeling frozen food items.

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